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Monotypes Prints 2002-03

The Monotype -
A one-of-a-kind print made by painting on a smooth metal, glass or stone plate and then printing on paper. The pressure of printing creates a texture not possible when painting directly on paper. Not to be confused with a monoprint.
Spontaneity and experimentation are common characterizations of this medium.
prints are made by drawing with ink or paint on a smooth surface such as glass or a metal plate. The image is then transferred to paper before it dries, using a printing press or other means of pressure, ranging from the back of a spoon to a palm of the hand, or even the wringer of an old washing machine.
Because most of the image is transferred in the printing process, only one strong impression can be taken, hence the term monotype (one print). Additional impressions of the residual image are sometimes printed, but they are significantly fainter than the first pull.

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