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Charlottetown Rural Critiques of TOSH Artwork


See respones to our art work  from students attending other schools on PEI .


May 9, 2002

Reanne wrote:
Hi. It was neat to see some work from other schools! I only see the stuff from our school. But it's great to see that you all put your work on the net! Anyway, I enjoyed the ceiling tiles that were painted and that had art work on them! That was very interesting! Because you usually don't see art work on the ceiling! :) But they were very bright and colorful and vibrant! The masks were great too. I did that in my art class a few years ago, and that was fun! The masks look like that have a lot of work put into them. Keep up the hard work! It's great!

Shannon wrote:
Hello, my name is Shannon I'm in the Advanced Viscom class at the charlottetown rural high school. While in class my teacher, Mr. Birt, asked us to go to your school site and look at the different art pieces there.... i really like most of the things i saw... but the cealing tile by adam read i thouhgt was the most impressive thing there... it was very abstract, which i really enjoy, becasue paintings that are done realistically are extremely boring.. they are of things that we see everyday ordinarily.. and to see adam's strange (i mean that is a good way) painting, is really interesting. the colors are all so vibrant, and eye pleasing.To me (i dunno what it is REALLY suppose to be) it feels as if it is the sun, lost and stuck in a little world of colorful cobwebs, its extremely interesting!!! I also like the moose..(i'm not sure who made it) its so childish, i just think that it is a very cute little characher. As for the drawing of the hand holding the wine glass, I love that... i love to draw, and well i find it extremely difficult to draw hands, let alone a hand holding a glass up close... As for the painted tile of the boat on the ocean.. i like the boat, it was done beautifuly! but it feels so much like it is missing alot, the ocean feels so dead and empty, theres is no life to it at all other than the boat itself.. and i understand from looking at the painting, that the boat was intended to be the center of attention, but a little more detail in the sky and the water, would not take away from that at all, in fact it would probaly add to it, and make it more pleasing to the eye. But in total,i really loved all of the things in there, and the Idea of painting the ceilings tiles of the school is really a cool idea!!! i think its great... its som'n that all schools shoud do.. just to bring a little more life, and intrest into the school atmosphere! By no means am i a professional art critique!!! in fact as i said earlier, i am just a gr.11 student who was asked to check the stuff out and send you my opinions! i do not expect you to take my comments to whole-heartedly! but rather as the word of a friend (in terms) Anyway... enjoy the rest fo yur year, and please keep up the awesome work! ~Shannon.O.~
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