2002 Graduates
2003 Graduates

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2004 Graduates' Portfolios
Adam Arsenault
Ryan Cole
Sarah Frandsen
Mario Frieberger
Melanie Mahar
Michelle Swart
Joey Wargachuk
Sarah Frandsen

The theme of my project is my life along the way. Things that were or are important to me and the people in my life. It is also the places I have lived or been.

The map I made is my largest project. It signifes all of the places I have lived because I have had to move around a lot. I also made several portraits of people in my life. There are movie tickets on my map because it is what I have always loved to do in my spare time and I would collect the tickets.

The mediums I used were paint, pencil drawing, computer and photography. I used paint on my large map, pencil on the portraits, and computer scanning and alterations on the movie tickets and photos on the map and photograhy for my photos.

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