2002 Graduates

Current Class Projects

Pure Abstraction

2003 Graduates' Portfolios
Christina Albert
Melissa Bernard
Ben Allain
Felicia Clark
Katie MacLeod
Kira Maros
Terri-lee Phillips
Jillian Waite
Jacinta Schurman
Kelly Seaboyer
Lacey Duffney
Adam Arsenault
Kiele Poirier
Jenna Fitzgerald
Fiona Cregan
Amber Decoste
Denise Grant

Terri-lee Phillips
Over the past term, I've painted a portrait of an Indian woman, experimented with watercolour, experimented with clothe and materials, and started to sketch a portrait of my two grandparents. That one is not finished yet, but I plan to finish it. I also carved a print of a rose. I hoped to maybe experiment with graffiti, but I didn't get a chance. The artwork that I've finished, doesn't really have a theme besides "portraits". With everything else I was just trying to find an area where I liked and enjoyed doing. I really enjoy portraits, drawing people and having it turn out really looking like the person. I think that's neat. I also did a picture in pencil "black and white" of a family. It could have a hundred stories behind it.

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