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May 1, 2002

Melanie wrote:
I really liked the Masks both used great colors especially the one that was two sided, the color and detail is good. The one with the flames showed a great amount of detail in the face structure, the painting on it goes along good with the expression on the face. The tile by Adam Read was very unique, good use of colors. The one that looked like a maze (by Jenna Fitzgerald) was also well done but I think that a little more color would keep ones eye on going through the maze. The Christmas one was good but more detail is needed to make it a little more eye catching . The prints are good but again more color and detail would really bring them out. The boxes are good the colors and designs really bring out the expressions. The one with the moose is very creative.
Overall the artwork was well done , maybe a little more detail is needed to help bring out the artworks expressions and make them more eye catching.
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