Student Responses

Students had a chance to evaluate their Art Edventures and give their comments.  Chekc out:

Mitchell, grade 10

Josee, grade 10

Color Worksheet

ArtEdventures with Carmine Chameleon:

Color Theory versus Dr. Gray and the Dechromatizer


Answer the following questions while exploring the ArtEdventure.  Turn them in as the end of class.


1.  What is the name of the chameleon who helps you?


2.  What are the secondary colours?


3.  Describe three ways you can make objects look distant in a landscape painting:






4.  Describe Vincent van Gogh’s style of painting:


5.  What are complimentary colors?


6.  What color do painters usually use when painting the clothing of the Virgin Mary?


7.  Name one color and describe what it might symbolize for you?


The color _________________ symbolizes_________________________________________


8.  How did you stop the evil Dr. Gray?


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