Heroes We Never Name

Back of the men we honor
Enrolled on the scroll of fame,
Are the millions who go unmentioned -
The heroes we never name!
Those who have won us the victories,
And conquered along the way;
Those who have made us a nation -
A tribute to them I would pay.

Back of our nation's first leader,
Of Lincoln and Wilson, too,
Back of the mind directing our course
Was the army that carried it through.
Back of the generals and captains
Was the tramping of rank and file,
And back of them were the ones at home
Who labored with tear and with smile.

And What of the "everyday" heroes
Whose courage and efforts ne'er cease!
Toilers who struggle and labor and strive
And hope for a future of peace?
Hats off to the worthy leaders;
Their honor I'd ever acclaim -
But here's a cheer for the many brave,
The heroes we never name.

By M. Lucille Ford