If You Could Wear My Sneakers

If you were me
And I were you
For just a day
Or maybe two
Then maybe you
And maybe me
Would see the me
That you were too

The you I see
You try to be
Never ever
Speaks to me





If you knew
The me I am
Or I could know
The you you be
I think we would
Discover we liked

We could form
The broccoli bunch
Invite each other
Out to lunch
Share our little
Broccoli trees
Cover them
With melted cheese


You pass me by
Without a smile
As if I were
A crocodile
Then look the other
Way in case
You see the me
That's in my face
If you could wear my sneakers
(You might have to plug your nose)
And if I could wear your shoes
(Even if they crunched my toes)
Maybe we could see the us
We never got to meet
The you and me
That might have found
More broccoli
To eat

By Sheree Fitch