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Music at West Royalty is taught by Mrs.Zinck for grades K-1 and Mr.Gordon for grades 2-6. Classes have music for 30 minutes every second day. As with all elementary schools on PEI, at West Royalty we focus our music lessons around the provincial elementary music curriculum with Share The Music as our main resource.

Music lessons primarily focus on singing, but also incorporate movement, class percussion, recorders, and xylophones as well.

Extra curricular activities include choir for grades 3 - 6, guitar club, grade 5 & 6 rock ensemble, and various drama activities.

Choir is available to all students in grades 3 - 6 without auditions. The choir rehearses 1 recess every week, and is often preparing for events such as Christmas and Spring concerts, carol sings at the Delta Hotel, CD recording projects, and smaller performances to the school.

Rock Ensemble
The rock ensemble is for grades 5 & 6 students andrequires an audition to participate. Students learn instruments such as guitar, drums, bass, and keyboards. The rock ensemble usually performs heavily at the Spring Concert as well as other smaller events.

Guitar Club
Guitar club is available for students in grades 5 & 6 and does not require an audition to participate. Typical participants in guitar club would be students with a guitar at home, and interest in playing, but are unsure how to start. Guitar club is very much a beginners level club.

Drama Activites
At various times throughout the school year opportunities will arise for participation in drama activies. Students will be notified when these are happening.


Students in gr 5 & 6 learn to play the recorder as part of their music lessons. Students are encouraged to own their own recorder to enable home practicing. Information on how to purchase a recorder is available from Mr.Gordon.

Below are the list of "recoder Karate belts" for gr 5 & 6

White - Hot Cross Buns
Yellow - Gently Sleep
Orange - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Green - It's Raining, It's Pouring
Purple - Old MacDonald
Blue - When the Saints
Red - Twinkle, Twinkle
Brown - Amazing Grace
Black -Ode to Joy

Gr 6: 
White - Hot Cross Buns & Gently Sleep
Yellow - Mary Had & It's Raining
Orange - Little Robin Red Breast
Green - Ode to Joy
Purple - Aura Lee
Blue - The Lion Sleeps
Red - Raiser
Brown - Buster
Black - Yellow Submarine
2nd Black - Star Wars