Westwood Primary School 

80 Meadowbank Road
P.O. Box 490, Cornwall, PE   C0A 1H0
Tel: 902-368-6855   Fax:  902-368-6863
Principal: Charlotte Bryand        Vice-Principal: Sherry Flynn

  Westwood Song 

Westwood Primary School

Oh Westwood School, our home away from home,
Each and every day, come and smile along.
Shoulder to shoulder, together we are here,
To learn, to grow, and to celebrate with cheer.

    Hourra pour Westwood!
    Hourra pour les amis!
    Donnons-nous la main
       en dissant merci.

Oh Westwood School, where we strive to do our best,
With pride and joy we welcome every guest.
Join with us as we work and sing and play,
And for our mascot "Westy" -- we shout a big "hurrah"!

    Hurrah for Westwood!
    Hurrah for those who care!
    Give a friend a hug just for being there.
    Give a friend a hug, it spreads everywhere.

Westy Right